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Get ready for another exclusive Egbert EP on non other than Paco Osuna’s label Mindshake. We are excited for this bomb to hit… even Paco can’t contain himself!

New Mindshake soon SUUUUUPER BOOOOOMB!! by EGBERT!!! So happy and proud to release such a booomb ep produced by souch an artist  ATOPE!!”10906097_775244895862668_3090602874408768042_n Coming soon…


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After just over a year of strictly remixes, Egbert returns with his first EP after his critically acclaimed album ‘Warm’. ‘Shake’ is a dancefloor EP with three unforgivingly powerful originals!

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Gem compiled 7 brilliant tracks by 8 artists that they would like to introduce. With tracks from Acensor, Antonio Valente, Arno Motz, Mohn, Moodmachine & Anri, Norai Cue and Soundbalance. The sounds on this compilation are diverse, ranging from downtempo to funk, electro and old school. Gem is proud to present these rising talents and cannot wait to see what is to come.

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artist 7th Star
date March 23
genre Progressive / Techno
track Beyond / The Fall

7th Star is an Italian duo consisting of Nihil Young and Valentina Black. They have been searching for their sound in their relatively new collaboration and with this EP they seem to have nailed it spot on!

First up on this breakthrough EP is ‘Beyond’ which features a huge bass line accompanied by a solid kick and slick groove. This distinctive track is heightened with its soft and warm synths, which set a melancholic atmosphere together with the vocoded vocals. The screeching and somewhat de-tuned lead melody adds a penetrating emotion to the song. Yet, what makes this track so unique and powerful is the way it manages to find balance between the epic, hypnotizing sound of early millennium progressive and post-punk electronic pop music. The track is not limited to one setting as its potential for airplay in no way affects its potential to rock an underground dance floor. These illustrious elements make this a perfect crossover tune.

On the flipside ‘The Fall’ stands in a category of its own, as it doesn’t fall into any of the clichés of electronic music. The ambiance is euphoric and mystical as if it were set in an enchanted forest with those blue Disney lovebirds dancing happily around. This is one to set the mood and fits perfectly into a sunny and warm setting. Get ready for summer because this is a hit that is perfect for good weather and good vibes.

This will be available at your local mp3 shop from March 23rd.

GEM 040 / Egbert – Shake EP

artist Egbert
date January 16th 2015
genre Techno
track Shake / Dik Geluid / Korrelig

After just over a year of strictly remixes, Egbert returns with his first EP after his critically acclaimed album ‘Warm’. ‘Shake’ is a dancefloor EP with three unforgivingly powerful originals!

2014 Was a year with many highs for Egbert. With a whopping 4 gigs at Awakenings including both days of the festival, rocking the Cave at Timewarp NL before Sven Väth, Electric Brixton in London, Flex Club Vienna, Sziget Festival and loads more amazing gigs with thousands of people going mental to his live act.

For 2015 there are a string of strong EP’s lined up kicking off with ‘Shake’ on Gem Records. As Egbert spends most of his time playing live sets with 100% Egbert tracks around the globe, he knows exactly which ones pack the most punch. Label boss Secret Cinema who plays epic sets together with Egbert regularly, sat down and selected three of those tracks for this EP.

The record kicks off with ‘Dik Geluid’ which translates into ‘phat sound’. A stripped down repetitive techno bomb with a hard kick and a throbbing bass effect as its main elements accompanied by spacey noises and lo-fi vocal samples that funk and echo over the top. Next up is ‘Shake’ which revolves around a bassline on every 16th note triplet that swings over the beat in a way that gives the track loads of energy and danceability. Filters are opened and decays lengthened until the bassline growls and roars with energy building up and up. Finally there is ‘Korrelig’ which is probably one of the darkest tracks from Egbert’s sets. With scary horror movie vocals, huge delays, and a main noise that sounds evil to its core this is one bad-ass cut…

GEM 039 / Various – INTRODUCING#01

artist Various
date 15 December 2014
genre Deep House / Tech House / Techno

On INTRODUCING#01 Gem compiled 7 tracks by 8 artists they would like to introduce:
Moodmachine & Anri – Lovebirds
The compilation kicks off with the beautiful laidback downtempo groove of ‘Lovebirds’. It was the chords on this bad boy that drew us in like a euphoric breeze blowing over Moodmachine’s signature warm, funky and phat bass line. Warmth and love all the way!

Anri started off as a purebreed DJ. It was Gem’s own Steve Ward who signed her to his Chameleon Agency and inspired her to get into music production. Earlier this year her first EP was released. Now she follows up with a release on Gem!

Moodmachine were formed in 2009 and since became a well-respected live act touring Australia and Europe regularly. So far they have been keeping most of their extensive live repertoire to themselves. Only a handful of tracks have been released up until now. This year releases are lined up with Vapour, Open and of course Gem Records.

Soundbalance – Superb
‘Superb’ starts off with a tense, dark atmosphere created by a growling sawtooth that filters in and out over a funky drum groove and deep bass line. But once the melody is introduced layer by layer the track gets a much warmer feel. Climaxes are created by filtering the huge synth chord in and out with some nice effects in the background. Energetic, warm, funky!

Soundbalance are a live act and DJ duo known for their remixes, most of which are released on their own Comport record label. ‘Superb’ will be the debut original track from the Haarlem (NL) based act!
Mohn – Come Out And Play
Mohn’s adition to the compilation is simple yet effective. A funky groove is accompanied by a deep bass line. The melody is layered on top of the b-line and some heavily sidechained soft synth pads play about in the background. There are a number of breaks where the melody is fed through a high pass filter until the bass line returns deep and heavy!

Mohn’s first ever track won him a release on Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy in 2012 through a contest. After such a great start he began releasing steadily including a second Alchemy release and a Sudbeat release.

Arno Motz – Triumph
Triumph has an electro-ish beat and a short stabby bassline. The lead is an ever so electronic sounding synth contrasted by a brass section. The track has a poppy electro sound to it without crossing over in to cheesy territory.

Arno Motz is a producer of the musically trained variety. He played various instruments in a number of bands until he discovered Ableton and got hooked. The music he produces has a high level of musicality and originality. We have high hopes for this young lad and an EP planned on Gem in 2015!

Noraj Cue – Synthetic Brainwaves
With sounds bubbling up all over the place, weird delays, reverbs and strange vocals… This is one trippy track! Synthetic Brainwaves indeed. This is one of those pumping hypnotic joints that might make you wonder if you’re hearing things right on a dance floor.

Noraj Cue is a producer in heart and soul. He started making music on a computer back in ’94 when he was thirteen. Making music was a way for him to express his feelings without the intention of ever releasing it. Today he is a productive producer who prefers spending time in his studio over anything else. The result is an impressive discography with a steady stream of releases on Manual Music, Tronic and Connaisseur to drop some names.

Antonio Valente – Space Jump
Antonio Valente drops an oldschool bomb! The sound is reminiscent of early 00’s techno but with better production quality and at least 15 bpm slower. The recipe is simple and sweet: Pumping kick, energetic repetitive baseline and ditto melody, swap the hihats for rides every now and then and filter the melody in and out.

Valente likes to use vintage techno as an inspiration to make tracks that work on dance floors today. He has been churning out tunes since 2009 including an EP on Sino. Gem label boss Secret Cinema has been smashing Antonio Valente tracks in his sets recently.

Acensor – The 14th Baktun
We end INTRODUCING#01 with an anthem. The 14th Baktun opens with just a kick, shaker and the growling bass line. As the track builds the lead synth is slowly introduced building up to an epic lighters in the air, blinders flashing, CO2 cannon pumping, firework display break. And then the track continues as before.

Since 2008 Acensor have been performing regularly at U603011 and have a residency at the .raw events alongside Alan Fitzpatrick, Len Faki and Ben Klock. Their releases have had international success, but they could still use an introduction!

Snatch this package up from December 15th at your local mp3 shop!

GEm 038 / Enrico Sangiuliano – Sparrows In My Glass EP

artist Enrico Sangiuliano / remixes by Frankyeffe and Heartik
date Beatport
genre Techno
track Sparrows in My Glass / Outfought

Enrico Sangiuliano returns to Gem Records after his brilliant Groove Mission EP in December 2013. He since joined the Gem Bookings roster and they welcome him for a second EP on the label. This time his two originals are accompanied by remixes from Frankyeffe and Heartik.
Enrico Sangiuliano has been on the Italian scene since 2003 working his way up through the ranks performing at Italy’s largest stages and hosting his own club night ‘TECH’. In recent years he has started putting his releases out into the international techno scene with releases on Gem, Alchemy, Octopus and Truesoul to name a few and is becoming an international DJ.

As expected Sangiuliano delivers two impeccably produced originals. Sparrows In My Glass is one funky motherf*cker of a track. Real percussion samples are slotted cleverly in with all the electronic noises bleeps and drums of this modern techno bomb. Dark in a way the gives you a one of those menacing grins. Outfought has a similar sound with the same clever use of stereo imaging on the drum and synth sounds which are placed in a small room behind your head, contrasted by huge reverbs on other noises adding a trippy vibe to the track. The taunting vocals fit in perfectly with the menacing vibe of the track.

Heartik turns in an edgier sounding remix to his usual sound. He takes the vocs from Sparrows In My Glass and cuts them up nicely to bounce over the top of this highly effective groover. Frankyeffe takes it to a dubbyer level making the track darker, deeper and grimier.

Out November 17th.

GEM 037 / Absent ft. Diego Hostettler – A Sign Of Awareness EP

artist Absent ft. Diego Hostettler
date October 13th 2014
genre Techno
track Lilith / On The Move / Transmogrified

Absent and Diego Hostettler team up for their second EP together after dropping their amazing ‘She’s Not Worth It’ on Alexander Kowalski’s Damage Music. The follow-up on Gem Records has three originals packed with melody, soul and euphoria!

Diego Hostettler is an established name with over fifty 12”s and 8 albums on labels such as Kanzleramt, Tronic, Damage Music and of course his ‘Hope EP’ on Gem Records. He is known for his warm and emotional yet energetic techno sound which has audibly inspired friend and collaborator Yann van Uffelen AKA Absent. The latter has started building a profile as a producer in recent years and is steadily becoming a musical force to be reckoned with.

All three cuts have a nostalgic oldschool Detroit feeling to them and never lose momentum from the first bar to the last. The EP kicks off with ‘Lilith’ which is introduced with just a kick and a throbbing bassline. Hats are filtered in, the kick gets some extra umpf, and the melody is slowly introduced. During the break the track is built up fully with a delicate melody and a complex arpeggiator. This track will undoubtedly create a euphoric dancefloor atmosphere with loads of energy.

Next up is the Diego collab ‘On The Move’ with its fast percussion and dreamy echo’s. The structure is similar to the previous track as all elements are introduced slowly building up to the break after which the track explodes with energy, beautiful melodies and arpeggiators bouncing over the top of an energetic groove. But with music like this, more IS more.

Finally there is ‘Transmogrified’ which in case you are wondering means: “Transform in a surprising or magical manner” according to the dictionary. This track definitely has a mystical beauty to it. It doesn’t have the bouncing happiness of the other two songs on this EP. Instead there is a soft and sweet melody with a melancholy beauty to it. But contrasting the soft and subtle melody is a ridiculously phat kick drum and a heavy bassline to go with it. Different but in a very good way.

This quality piece of oldschool techno will be available from October 13th. So go on. You know you secretly love that oldschool stuff. Treat yourself to a couple of nice warm tracks. You know you want to…We wont tell…

GEM 036 / Confute – On The Hour EP

artist Confute
date September 15th 2014
genre Techno
track On The Hour / Thumpers

As the weather turns on this side of the globe and the festival season starts coming to an end, Gem Records return with some full-on techno with a twist. Confute is a new name to the scene but his music reveals the skill of an experienced producer. The EP goes from epic and deep with ‘On the hour’ to wild and fierce with ‘Thumpers’.
On the hour is an extremely atmospheric track that seems to tell an epic story. It builds up energy and tension with a deep thumping kick and a dark bass line over the top. Strange and outlandish percussion is added together with a delicate shaker. The lead melody is slowly introduced as though from a great distance. The whole track conjures up images of large armies marching down valleys and the main melody sounds like the horn blowers announcing their arrival. Once all the sounds have been filtered in a horn screeches loudly and everything stops. As though the track has ended a huge reverb is allowed to fade almost completely away into silence. But just as you assume the track is over, a second horn screeches and the kick returns. Did we say epic yet?

Thumpers is a more familiar concept; full on, in your face, banging techno. The way it is done though is not so familiar. Confute likes to play around with the use of big reverbs and rhythmic delays. His choice of drum sounds and his way of creating atmosphere with his music is almost alien. The kick is huge and big and seems to have an extra layer of sub so deep it will make your teeth rattle. The percussion all repeats itself through a delay that keeps it driving and repeating. The main synth sounds like a supersonic motorbike revving up and up past the limits of any conventional engine and speeding through a large tunnel. Again the track conjures up images in your mind that are definitely worth exploring.

Make sure not to dismiss this as a big techno EP that should be confined to dance floors. It definitely deserves a proper listen on good headphones with your eyes closed.

This Gem will be available from September 8th.

GEM 035 / Secret Cinema & Max D-Loved – Martina

artist Secret Cinema & Max D-Loved
date August 11th 2014
genre Techno / Tech house / Deep house
track Martina, remixes by Jamie Stevens, Frank Mueller (AKA Beroshima), Subjects

Secret Cinema and Max D-Loved team up for their second release together. Both producers are known for their original and unique yet effective tracks. Their first collaboration ‘Wow Cat’ came down like a bomb on Sian’s Octopus Recordings. Now they follow up with a powerful warm melodic festival anthem called ‘Martina’ on Gem Records. Jamie Stevens, Frank Mueller AKA Beroshima and Subjects deliver remixes that cover the spectrum from laid back to full on techno.

All the elements of the original by the Dutch / Italian duo sound gentle and soft on their own. But put together they make for an energetic tune. The rolling bassline seems to buzz around your head in a three dimensional space leaving lots of room for the big and powerful kick drum. Time-stretched vocals echo mysteriously in the background creating a surreal atmosphere. The lead keys sound warm and playful whilst the percussion and hats give the track its momentum and energy. This is just one of those blissful soundtracks for a beautiful day…

Jamie Stevens is known for his amazing melodic techno tracks and his remix of Martina is another perfect example. Our Ozzie mate takes a more hypnotic and driving approach to the track. Letting it build up slowly into a driving dance floor track with an amazing thumping bassline. Subjects, consisting of Max D-Loved and Jeffry Hide, take a similar approach but turn it into full on 3 AM mayhem with a bad-ass kick drum!

Finally, Frank Mueller the man also known as Beroshima takes the track to a deeper level. Utilising almost all of the elements from the original but reconstructing them as a much more laid back almost housey track. Seriously mellow!

GEM 034 / Roger Martinez – Space is the Place EP

  • artist Roger Martinez
    date July 14th 2014
    genre Techno, tech-house
  • Roger Martinez likes to explore the boundaries of the psyche during his many trips into the mountains carrying his shaman drum and various other instruments. This adventurousness is audible in every Roger Martinez track. He delivers yet another exciting EP with three epic originals on Secret Cinema’s Gem Records.

    Listen on Soundcloud

    GEM034 Roger Martinez - square banner

    Christian Smith – “Very nice ep from Roger. Original and powerful at the same time! Altijd Hier En Nu is my fav.”

    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “Space Is The Place is a total BOMB track!! Support for sure!”

    Guy J – “This is such an ACE release from Roger!! Love it all, but especially into Altijd Hier En Nu.”

    Mauro Picotto – “Bello!! Altijd Hier En Nu will be going straight into my next podcast mix!”

    Martin Eyerer – “I like this a lot!! Definitely going to be playing Altijd Hier En Nu!!”

    Hernan Cattaneo – “I LOVE this new release from Roger. Especially Altijd Hier En Nu!”


    GEM 033 / Kassey Voorn – Search and Destroy

  • artist Kassey Voorn (remixer SQL)
    date June 9th 2014
    genre Tech-house
  • GEM033 has been expertly crafted by Kassey Voorn. The Athens based producer is no stranger to Gem as he delivered a spot-on remix for SQL’s Reveal in 2013. Now Kassey returns to Gem with an EP and SQL returns the favour with a remix.

    Listen on Soundcloud



    Support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Slam, Sasha, Guy J, Eelke Kleijn….


    GEM 032 / Fractious & JC Williams

  • artist Fractious & JC Williams
    date April 14th 2014
    genre Techno
    track 1 Mr McGirk 2 Primal Funtion 3 Dubzero
  • .
  • Fractious, known for his on the money modern loop-techno and JC Williams, known for his quality old school analogue Chicago and Detroit sound make for an interesting production duo. Their first appearance together on Inflyte Records with remixes from Remy Unger and ROD infused the styles of both producers perfectly. Their follow up EP on Gem Records has three originals from the Belfast based lads that make for a diverse EP.

    Listen on Soundcloud

    Fractious & JC Williams Gem Records 032


    Laurent Garnier – “Ohhhh yesssss… Mr. McGirk is right up my street :) Will support!”

    Stephan Bodzin – “Now that is a KILLER release!!! Mr. McGirk is my pick of the pack!”

    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “Its gotta be Dubzero for me here… Super cool record!!”

    Nicole Moudaber – “This is an excellent Gem release and I think I’m gonna be supporting everything here.”

    Samuel L Session – “The second track is really cool techno with a latin twist, it’s subtle but still there. Like!”

    Sian – “It’s a solid body of work guys! Top marks from me, especially for Mr McGirk!”


    GEM 031 / Revolt – InBetweens EP

  • artist Revolt
    date Februari 10th 2014
    genre Techno
    track 1 Inbetweens 2 Editions 3 Reverse
  • Gem Records starts 2014 with some proper techno from spaced out producer and sound designer Revolt.

    Arno Asmus has been around since the mid 90’s releasing under several names, Revolt being the best known. He has releases under his belt on labels such as Bedrock, Addictive, and Global Underground to name a few. Today he produces a broad spectrum of electronic music without holding back. From ambient to full on techno and from club music to sound design in video but always with a Revolt flavor to it.

    The Inbetweens EP is a perfect example of his versatility. The ep kicks off with ‘Inbetweens’. A balance between a solid kick, percussion, industrial noises and synth sounds this is a true pumping warehouse techno track.

    Up next is ‘Edition’ which has yet another thumping groove to enjoy which intertwines perfectly with the percussion. This time with vocals and gentle shakers in the background. ‘Reverse’ seems to speak to a different part of the brain. Utilizing a lighter up-tempo groove it immediately catches the ear. Spacy industrial scapes add a lot of atmosphere to the track working their way up to a climax. Watch out you don’t loose your sense of time and space while listening to this bad boy!

    Revolt’s Inbetweens EP will be avalable from Februari 10th 2014 on Beatport or your favorite digital retailer.

    Gem Records 031 Revolt

    GEMCD 004 / Egbert – Warm (album)

    artist Egert
    date November 4th 2013
    track 1 Fonkel 2 Magic Night 3 Shulgin 4 Hemelpoort 5 Gevoel (interlude) 6 Naar de ruimte en terug 7 Ondergronds 8 Tegno 9 Leven 10 Machtig 11 Trip

    Egbert has been dazzling us with the speed at which he has skyrocketed to being one of the world’s top players in the techno scene. Within a short period of time he has managed to create a rapidly growing fan base who have all been avidly waiting for him to release an album for some time now. This November Egbert will finally be releasing ‘Warm’ on Secret Cinema’s Gem Records.

    With powerful pumping main room techno such as ‘Haasten’ and ‘Straktrekken’ under his belt but also melodic and somewhat minimal sounding techno, Egbert creates a broad spectrum of music within his own signature sound. So which direction did he go on Warm?

    The album takes you on a trip through Egbert’s vision of melodic techno. Well produced and euphoric but without stepping in to known territory. In his own words: ‘One thing I often miss at techno parties is warmth. I would like to bring that back to techno’. While his live sets are usually filled with percussion and rhythm, this album compiles the tracks that bring warmth to his set. We also get a taste of Egbert’s raw side with the powerful pumping grooves and punishing dark basslines on ‘Tegno’ and ‘Shulgin’. There’s even a new flavour added to the versatile producer’s palate with the trippy ambient sounds of ‘Ondergronds’ and ‘Trip’.

    After hearing Egbert’s first EP ‘Stroom’ on Myspace, Jeroen ‘Secret Cinema’ Verheij was quick to snatch up Egbert and take him under his wing. ‘He came walking into my studio with hundreds of brilliant tracks that only needed some polishing up’ says Verheij. After that Egbert released ‘Magie’ which was one of Sven Väth’s favourites for 2009 and made it onto Cocoon’s ‘Sounds of the 10th Season’. Suddenly, Egbert was a new player on the worldwide techno scene. Four years and many huge EPs and remixes later, his album is finally here!

    ‘Warm’ emerges with the delicate, rolling rhythms and pads of opening track ‘Fonkel’ that stretches out across eight minutes of expansive, emotional landscape before the ‘Magic Night’ tightens up the beats before going deeper into the darkness and the previously mentioned ‘Shulgin’ pulses ever further into the night. ‘Hemelpoort’ brings us back towards the light with shimmering chords as does the more driving yet eloquent ‘Leven’ with ‘Machtig’ proving a slow builder that really hits its stride in the middle. Finally the album disappears into the ether with the atmospheric resonance of ‘Trip’, showcasing another string to Egbert comforting, radiant production

    GEM 029 / Egbert – Warm EP

    artist Egbert
    date October 28th 2013
    genre Techno
    track 1 Hemelpoort 2 Tegno 3 Shulgin

    Egbert has been dazzling us with the speed at which he has skyrocketed to being one of the world’s top players in the techno scene. Within a short period of time he has managed to create a rapidly growing fan base who have all been avidly waiting for him to release an album for some time now. Come 4th of November, Egbert will finally be releasing ‘Warm’ on Secret Cinema’s Gem Records. The first preview of the album is on this fantastic 3 track EP out October 28th.

    With powerful pumping main room techno such as ‘Haasten’ and ‘Straktrekken’ under his belt but also melodic and somewhat minimal sounding techno, Egbert creates a broad spectrum of music within his own signature sound. So which direction did he go on Warm?

    The album takes you on a trip through Egbert’s vision of melodic techno. Well produced and euphoric but without stepping in to known territory. In his own words: ‘One thing I often miss at techno parties is warmth. I would like to bring that back to techno’. While his live sets are usually filled with percussion and rhythm, this album compiles the tracks that bring warmth to his set. We also get a taste of Egbert’s raw side with the powerful pumping grooves and punishing dark basslines on ‘Tegno’ and ‘Shulgin’. There’s even a new flavour added to the versatile producer’s palate with the trippy ambient sounds of ‘Ondergronds’ and ‘Trip’.

    This preview EP starts with Hemelpoort with its heavenly, warm, plonky synths that echo their way in and out of sync climaxing in the break only to be stomped back in line by the kick when it returns. A real eyes closed peak time spacer! On the flipside we kick off with Tegno. This is definitely the most powerful of the bunch. The repetitive, dark bass line builds up tension until a drum breakdown gives the green light to go berserk… Finally there’s Shulgin which has been a huge bomb at most of Egbert’s shows for the past year. A tribute to dr. Alexander Shulgin, the track is powerful and pumping with lots of spacey, trippy and creepy stabs and noises.

    GEM 028 / SQL – Surrender EP

    artist SQL, Kassey Voorn
    date August 26th 2013
    genre Techno, tech-house
    track 1 Surrender 2 Reveal (Kassey Voorn Remix) 3 Reveal 4 Collect
    SQL is known for his warm yet energetic productions and live sets throughout the globe. This new EP is an absolutely rock solid four tracker with everything from happy summer warmth to smooth techno.

    First up is Surrender. This could be one of the happiest, sunniest yet powerful tracks you’ll hear this summer! The chords, which open up beautifully in the break, are so optimistic and warm they could be prescribed as an anti-depressant. The groove on the other hand driven by über funky snares, claps and rattling high hats will make you want to take that new found optimism and pretend like Monday doesn’t exist!

    ‘Collect’ is a hypnotic groover with lots of energy and funk. With ever changing and evolving ambient noises in the background and a punishing chord bleep, this track has an almost sinister feel to it. As though you might be punished if you don’t rip up the floor.

    ‘Reveal’ is best used to end a warm summer day on an outside dance floor with your eyes closed. Grooving to the spacey synths and driving percussion. Be sure to have this one handy when the sun sets! Kassey Voorn rocks the EP with a more pumping approach with his remix focussing on a phat kick and bass line but with a melodic breakdown to catch your breath.

    Available on vinyl and digital from August 26th.
    Laurent Garnier – “I loooooove Surrender. Yes, this is right up my street. Thank you!”
    Stephan Bodzin – “Wonderful summertunes!!!! Reveal is my pick.. Amazing vibes n groove!”
    Jaime Anderson – “Good stuff again from Gem.. Especially feeling the Kassey Voorn remix.”
    Guy J – “Both versions of Reveal are gonna work for me. Thanx for sending, looking forward to playing. Good luck GEM!”
    Adam Beyer – “Like you say in the text… Lovely summer vibes across the release! Collect my fav.”
    Funk D’Void – “Brilliant!! Surrender is a summer anthem… 100%!”
    Eelke Kleijn – “Surrender is a BRILLIANT record!! Supporting!!”

    GEM 027 / Egbert – Get The Funk EP

    artist Egbert
    date July 15th 2013
    genre Techno
    track 1 Straktrekken 2 Get The Funk 3 Liefdesland
    Egbert is finally back with a full EP and boy does he nail it! All three tracks are serious crowd pleasers but in their own way. From in your face big room techno through melodic anthemic tech house to water-melon-ball minimal, this EP has it all! With his album ‘Warm’ coming up in September of 2013 all eyes are on the big friendly Rotterdam giant. And he doesn’t disappoint.

    Get The Funk opens the package with an infectious vocal hook, accompanied by Egbert’s signature crunchy percussion and driving wobbly bass which is guaranteed to destroy any dance floor from Amsterdam to Kazakhstan!

    Liefdesland utilizes the über modern tech house bass groove we have all grown to love. Egbert keeps the tune growing until it unexpectedly opens up into a summer open air trip that will remind you of the electro summer vibes of the 80’s.

    Straktrekken is the Dutch word for syncing two tracks. But forget all about pulling it tight, this track has been tried and tested all around the globe and is always a stand out. The mid naughty’s minimal vibe is back… but with balls the size of watermelons!!! This track has one of the most original riff cuts you have ever heard. Imagine a tin roof being ripped apart in a cyclone, but in a good way!
    Be ready to snatch this up on vinyl and digital from July 15th!

    Alan Fitzpatrick – “He’s BACK!! Really into this. Love the vibe! Gonna hammer Liefdesland!”
    Stephan Bodzin – “BIG tunes!! Love Get The Funk & Straktrekken!!! Full play on my tour!”
    Martin Eyerer – “Liefdesland is great for my radio show but Get The Funk for my club sets. Will drop tonight at Fusion Festival!”
    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “Bomb tracks, heard them live already and they sounded FAT!! Straktrekken!”
    Eelke Kleijn – “This a MASSIVE release!! Liefdesland is my pick to play.”
    Guy J – “Stratrekken is definitely the pick for me, I love it!! Thnx and good luck to GEM!”
    Adam Beyer – “This is some funky stuff! Good to see some new Egbert bits again, great producer. Straktrekken is my fav.”
    Karotte – “Get The Funk and Straktrekken Sound like they are gonna work for me. Very nice, I like it!”
    Jamie Anderson – “Another great release from Egbert – really solid tracks!!”
    Mauro Picotto – “More quality music from Egbert! Looking forward to spinning this louder.”
    Monika Kruse – “Lefdesland will cook the big festivals for sure! HOT!”
    Carlo Lio – “Straktrekken is my pick here… Super groovy and I love the fx. Will play this!”
    Filterheadz – “This is EXCELLENT!! Especially Liefdesland.. Full support!!”

    GEM 026 / Kaap De Goede Hoop – 363A EP

    artist Kaap De Goede Hoop (KAAP)
    date May 6th 2013
    genre House, techno
    track 1 363A 2 Mi Fella 3 Mi Fella (Ramon Tapia Remix)
    Since Gem Records first released their massive house track ‘All Night’ back in 2010 Kaap De Goede Hoop have been perfecting their production skills. Analogue synths and drum machines,  tape recorders and effects have been collected to create an impressive mad scientists lab. Kaap De Goede Hoop team up with John Mood and Eversines to create the epic dark live recorded ‘363A’. On the flipside we find the beautiful warm energetic ’Mi Fella’. Ramon Tapia added his signature pumping sound to the remix!

    After a two year stop Gem decided there could be no better EP for Gem to return to pressing vinyl than this analogue tape recorded Kaap De Goede Hoop jam. “When we were putting together 363A everything just fell in to place” Kaap de Goede Hoop’s Bobby van Putten says. “We spent an entire evening programming the equipment and tweaking with Robbert van der Bildt (also Kaap De Goede Hoop) John Mood and Eversines in the studio. After that we just hit record and started playing. Originally the track was close to 13 minutes long. All we changed afterwards was cutting a piece out to keep the energy up during the track. Everything else was spontaneous!”.
    Mi Fella (as in Fela Kuti), was created with afrobeat in mind. The deep subby bass line rattling hats and high pitched chanting combined with echoey guitar sounds make for an amazing combination and a an absolutely unique track. Ramon Tapia complements the release with his more controlled yet equally energetic clean but rough sounding remix!

    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “This is a BOMB ep from Gem once again!! 363A is probably my fav here.”

    Guy J – “Oh yes… 363A is the pick for me, ROCKIN’ track!! Thanx for sending and the best of luck with this one.”

    Jamie Anderson – “From this collection is definitely the 363A original and Tapia’s remix that stand out. Support!”

    Christian Smith – “Hey Gem this is a very nice package of music. My full support on everything here.”

    Kaiserdisco – “It’s all about Ramon’s remix for us on this one. DOPE track!!”

    Carlo Lio – “Very cool release from Gem.. Feeling 363A.. Definitely a great groove and something different. Mi Fella is great as well .. Will support fo sho!”

    Mihalis Safras – “Finally its out! Great trippy remix from the man himself! Will test this in Miami.”

    Dan (Pig&Dan) – “As to be expected Ramon kills it  Great work and full support for the whole release but the remix is my fav!!”

    Karotte – “Mi Fella is sounding nice to me and the remix from Ramon is a real goodie too!! Nice stuff!”

    Monika Kruse – “Ramon’s remixes will always be a sure shot!! It’s the same here! Support.”

    The Junkies – “Diggin the groove Ramon’s remix of Mi Fella. Its really got it going on in his mix!!”

    Alan Fitzpatrick – “Now that is some chunky phatness from Ramon!! As expected :) support!”

    GEM 025 / Roger Martinez – Eschaton EP

    artist Roger Martinez
    date February 11th 2013
    track 1 Eschaton 2 De Machtige Trip 3 Kracht

    Roger Martinez kicks off 2013 with yet another EP that blew us away here at Gem headquarters. His previous EP ‘Die Magische Tijd’ was one of the peoples favorites of 2012 and the title track is followed up on the Eschaton EP with ‘De Machtige Trip’. Another beautiful melodic techno voyage that we have come to love from this exciting artist. ‘Eschaton’ and ‘Kracht’ are both extremely powerful high quality dance floor destroyers.

    All three tracks on this EP have been big crowd pleasers during Martinez’ live performance which was one of the highlights of Amsterdam Dance Event 2012.

    Stephan Bodzin GOOOD music. thanks so much for that emotional stuff. rare.

    Nuno Dos Santos: Damn!!! Super awesome EP! Kracht is an absolute beast! De Machtige Trip a big fat spacer!! Go Roger!

    King Unique: Absolutely love it – send more:)

    Marc Dosem: Loved all the tracks, great job by Roger as usual

    Ramon Tapia: BOMB EP as usual! ROGER ON A ROLLLLL

    Wehbba: De Machtige Trip is great! Thanks!

    Eelke Kleijn: Fucking massive!! Right up my Feb chart and just in time for my Sydney gig :-)

    Joel Mull: Favorite Track: Kracht (Original Mix) Super Production here. Funky Spacy groovers. Will definetly be used and played. Gem records is spreading the love. Thank you for the music!

    Richie Hawtin Favorite Track: Eschaton (Original Mix)

    GEM 024 / D-Nox & Beckers – Watch Me Now

    artist D-Nox & Beckers, Egbert, Steve Ward
    date August 27th 2012
    genre Tech house, techno
    track 1 Original 2 Steve Ward Hidden Theatre Hommage 3 Egbert Knipoog naar Grooveyard remix 4 Egbert Remix
    GEM024 D-Nox & Beckers - Watch Me Now EP | Gem Records 2012 by Gem Records

    D-Nox & Beckers deliver an extremely pumping funky original and both Egbert and Steve Ward mixes add their own feel to the track…

    Christian Smith – “The Steve Ward mix does it for me! Good work! Will play this for sure!!”

    Sharam – “Really like the techno reinterpretation of a funky classic! D-nox & Beckers with another great tune. Egbert also delivers as usual! Lovely package!”

    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “FANTASTIC work boyzzzzzz… such a great set of mixes. Will try them all!”

    Orde – (SLAM) – “Another strong release from Gem and some cool remixes. I think its all about the Egberts for me though. Spinning!”

    Tassilo (Pan-Pot) – “This is a nice release, especially the Egbert mixes!! Will play Will Play Will Play!!”

    Guy J – “Egbert really delivers here… I like the whole release actually!!”

    Sian – “Steve Ward’s remix of Watch Me Now is sooooo sweet!! Playing This!”

    Karotte – “Bomb!!! I love the original and the version from Eg. Egbert rocked the sms with his remix!!! Great release. Steve Ward rmx is also nice.”

    GEM 023 / Steve Ward – Expressionist EP

    artist Steve Ward, Alexander Kowalski
    date July 23rd 2012
    genre Techno, tech-house
    track Splash of Green, Shroud of White, Splash of Green (Alexander Kowalski remix)
    Steve Ward - Expressionist EP | Gem Records 2012 by Gem Records

    Australian DJ, Kiss FM radio host and Chameleon Records founder Steve Ward has been a friend of Gem for a number of years now. After remixes from Peter Horrevorts and Egbert on Chameleon a Steve Ward release was long overdue. To finish off an already impressive EP, Alexander Kowalski adds a pumping remix.

    Sian – “Alexander Kowalski Remix is excellente!!!”
    Christian Smith – “Big fan of Steve Ward. This is awesome and I think you will hear much more from him soon…
    Alan Fitzpatrick – “Been heavy on that Kowalski remix! BAD!!!”
    Dosem – “Steve Ward + Alexander Kowalski = ABSOLUTE WIN!!”
    Dave Seaman – “The Kowalski remix is solid!”
    Guy J – “Great package here!
    Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “Solid tracks here
    Marc Marzenit – “Impossible to choose only one, I’ll play almost all of them!!! Great Ep!!”
    Danny Howells – “Cool peak-time bangers .. some great melodic tunes here. Will try out for sure!”
    SQL – “Splash of Green!!! Fucking sick track!!!”
    Oliver Schories – “Alexander Kowalski Remix is fabulous. Wow!! Straight! Thank you.”
    Ken Ishii – “Nice ep! Splash of Green sounds good!”
    Karotte – “Great release. Shroud of White, Splash of Green are great.”
    Marco Bailey – “Great Tunes yet again from Gem. LOVE the Alexander Kowalski Remix!! Thx.”

    GEM 022 / Steve Slight – Shaolin EP

    artist Steve Slight, SQL
    date June 25th 2012
    genre Techno, tech-house
    track Shaolin, Dengfeng, The Monks Are Speaking, Shaolin (SQL's Acid Sauce Mix)

    Christian Smith – Big support on this ep!”
    Guy J - “Great package here, hard to chose fav, but I think SQL’s mix of Shaolin is the favourite!”
    Pig – (Pig&Dan) - “Solid tracks here, The Monks Are Speaking is a summer monster!!”
    Marc Marzenit - “Impossible to choose only one, I’ll play almost all of them!!! Great Ep!!”
    Danny Howells - “Cool peak-time bangers .. some great melodic tunes here but I’m digging the SQL Acid mix most!”
    Karotte – “Great release. The Monks and the SQL rmx are great!”
    Marco Bailey - “Great Tunes yet again from Gem!!”
    Ken Ishii – “Nice ep! Dengfeng works for me!

    GEM 021 / Secret Cinema & Psycatron – Rotterdam – Belfast EP pt. 1

    artist Secret Cinema & Psycatron
    date May 28th 2012
    genre Techno
    track Toy Soldiers, Nova-K
    GEM021 Secret Cinema & Psycatron - Rotterdam - Belfast EP (Part 1) by Gem Records
    GEM021 ARTWORK Secret Cinema vs Psycatron

    The first feedback is in..and it’s good!!

    Stephan Bodzin – “Will def hammer both of these tunes!!! Killers!!! Toy Soldier’s my fave here. 6/5.”

    Pig (Pig&Dan) – “WOW! Toy Soldiers is a real anthem!!!!”

    Guy J – “This is such a GREAT release guys!! I am loving both trax here!!!! Thnx and good luck.”

    Laurent Garnier – “Ohhh YESSSSSSSSSSSS!! I am loving Toy Soldiers… 5/5!!”

    Kenny Larkin – “Toy Soldiers is SLAMMIN!!! Will be playing these for sure guys!!”

    Karotte – “Again a great release on Gem!! 2 great tracks from 2 big players from the scene. Love it!!”

    Hernan Cattaneo – “Nova k is really REALLY good guys! Will be playing 100%”

    Nick Warren – “Loving Toy Soldiers BIG TIME guys!!! Superb track!”

    Jamie Anderson – “As to be expected from this collab – Both GREAT tracks!”

    Mauro Picotto – “Great techno here!! What more can you say? Great tracks!”

    Dosem – “Oh yessss…. Amazing tracks! PURE GEM LOVE!!”

    Alan Fitzpatrick – “Great release, great artists, great music! Definite support from me on Nova-K.”

    Alexander Kowalski – “Brilliant teamwork!! I am totally in love with both tracks!!”

    Steve Ward – “Fooookin S.I.C.K. Both tunes are as good as a pair of perfect titties!”

    GEM 020 / On/Off – Plugh EP

    artist On/Off
    date May 10th 2012
    genre Techno
    track Plugh, Poodoo, Poodoo (Nima Khak remix)
    On/Off - Plugh EP | Gem Records 2012 by Gem Records
    GEM020 On-Off - Poodoo - GemRecordsBanner

    With summer on its way, Gem release one final banging and rolling pure techno monster to pump those last dark club gigs before the sun comes out to stay. On/Off return to Gem for a second appearance after releasing the massive “Type 1” on the label last year.

    On / Off is a relatively fresh project from the Netherlands which started life with a release on 8 Sided Dice back in late 2010. From day one their name has been synonimous with straight up kick-ass big room techno. Their Plugh EP on Gem is no exception.

    Both originals are essential tools to beef up a peak time techno set, preferably played as loud as possible on a big fat system with lots of basssss…. Nima Khak’s remix brings a more dubby element to the track, taking it to a deeper yet powerful place. One nasty EP to end the club season.

    GEM 019 / Roger Martinez – Psychedelic Evolution EP

    artist Roger Martinez
    date March 19th 2012
    genre Techno
    track Die Magische Tijd, 2012, Phoenix
    Roger Martinez - Psychedelic Evolution EP by Gem Records

    1. Die Magische Tijd

    2. 2012

    3. Phoenix

    Roger Martinez who recently joined the Gem Bookings roster, has been unstoppable lately producing gem after gem! This time he takes it to a higher level of consciousness with his Psychedelic Evolution EP…

    “Die Magische Tijd” translates into That Magic Time; the track was made in two hours and has a lot of unwanted his and noise over the lead. Six cleaner versions and a lot more hours later, Gem ended up sticking with the original with all its flaws as it just rocked so much. So the first recording was literally that magic time… A powerful melodic banger with lots of euphoria.

    2012 brings a tougher edge to this three tracker. Psychedelic sounds and synths echo around a pounding techno beat creating a tense fearful atmosphere with enough energy to keep it driving. To finish the package off is Phoenix. The final track has the warmest feel to it and provides a big peak time break that will take its listeners to pure ecstasy , ready to rock this year’s festivals.

    Adam Beyer – “2012 sounds really great!! Will play this!”
    Sian – “These are VERY big summer tunes!!! Die Magische Tijd maybe the fav, but all good!”
    Dubfire – “2012 is a BOMB!! thanks.”
    Christian Smith - “LOVE Die Magische Tijd! Original and beautiful, but with balls. Just love it! This track will stay in my playlist or a long time!”
    Dosem - “Love Roger’s music, always quality and Die Magische Tijd is no exception.”
    Pig – (Pig&Dan) - “Quality release as usual from GEM, all tracks are good but the more funky Phoenix caught my eye this time, keep the music coming :)”
    Hernan Cattaneo - “Oh yes! All tracks are really good Roger!! Die Magische Tijd stands out a little more than the rest but will play them all.”
    Guy J – “This is such a great release!! Phoenix excites me!!”

    GEM 018 / SQL – Extended Sundays EP

    artist SQL
    date December 19th 2011
    genre Techno
    track Extended Sundays, Freckles, Mechanics
    SQL - Extended Sundays EP by Gem Records

    1. SQL – Extended Sundays

    2. SQL – Freckles

    3. SQL -Mechanics

    SQL – After a first appearance on Selected Gems, the boys at Gem are very proud to announce Pim ‘SQL’ van Horssen’s addition to the Gem Bookings roster. We expect a lot from this Beatport number 1 hit scoring, world touring, club playlist dominating 23 year old producer! And to accompany a big announcement is a big EP…

    Extended Sundays sports three SQL solo tracks. The title track Extended Sundays is a dramatic melodic master piece with a big room peak time potential. A proper Gem! Freckles and Mechanics have that signature SQL sound with throbbing bass lines, crisp and funky high hats, energetic kicks and overall quality production.

    You’ll be hearing loads more from this young producer from Amsterdam!

    Guy J – “This is such a great release, loving it all!!! :)”
    Pig - (Pig & Dan) – “Mechanics is ROCKING!! Will play tonight for sure!”
    Ramon Tapia – “Freckles is ACE!! Love all of the tracks here!!”
    Danny Howells – “Every single track here is great!! Definite support from me! Thanks!!”
    Dosem – “BOMBS from Gem as usual, great productions by SQL, Freckles for me!!”
    Karotte – “3 great tracks once again from Gem!! Wow! Good ep. Will play it all.”
    Marc Marzenit – “Bomb release!!! Good way to end the year!! Happy 2012 GEM family :)”
    Sian – “Freckles is simply outsanding!”
    Jody Wisternoff – (Way Out West) – “Really feeling this !! First 2 tracks are absolute gems!”
    Mihalis Safras – “Loving that label from day one! Never lets us down! Freckles is the one for me.”
    Hernan Cattaneo – “Extended Sundays is very good!! Will find a home for it in my sets. :)”
    Stephan Bodzin – “Good release but Extended Sundays takes the gold for me, full support!”

    GEM 017 / Tom Laws – Alien Pornography EP

    artist Tom Laws
    date December 5th 2011
    genre Techno
    track Alien Pornography, Elemental, Paranoid Beauty
    GEM017 Tom Laws - Alien Pornography by GEM Records

    1 Tom Laws – Alien pornography
    2 Tom Laws – Elemental
    3 Tom Laws – Paranoid Beauty

    After hearing Tom Laws’ twisted take on contemporary techno for the first time back in 2009, Secret Cinema kept an ear out for this talented British producer. A year after Laws’ appearance on Gem Sampler 2, a full EP finally appears on Gem Records!
    The Alien Pornography EP consists of three cutting edge tracks two of which are best described as dark atmospheric techno stompers ´Alien Pornography´ and Elemental and one slightly warmer sounding gem ´Paranoid Beauty´. All three sport that unique slightly out there quality techno sound that Gem is proudly known for! An essential autumn release…

    Stephan Bodzin – “I like it this release very much! Elemental is great!! Gonna play that one this weekend!”
    Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “Monster e.p. All the tracks are A side and so well produced, cant decide on a favorite, all i can say is i cant wait to play these out. Thanks GEM, again! :)
    Orde – (Slam) – “Sounds like another strong Gem release. Alien Pornography is perhaps my fav.”
    Kaiserdisco – “Cool ep! Like Elemental and Paranoid Beauty! Will play them out LOUD!”
    Carlo Lio – “Quality techno from Gem as always… really diggin’ Elemental .. will rock this tonight .. suport!!”
    Ramon Tapia – “Paranoid Beauty stands out for me here! BIG track!!”
    Karotte – “Elemental and Paranoid Beauty are the big ones on this EP. Sounding really nice.”
    Christian Smith – “I know that Elemental is gonna work on the floor!!”
    Danny Howells – “Always great stuff from Tom and Paranoid Beauty is no different! Will play!”
    Alexander Kowalski – “Paranoid Beauty is great! I’m gonna be testing that on my floors this weekend :)
    Dave Seaman – “Alien Pornography is GREAT! Wicked deep vibe… Will support it.”
    Dosem – “BOMBS….. Each and every track!! Will play ALL OF THEM!!!”

    GEM 016 / Egbert – Vrijheid EP

    artist Egbert
    date October 17th 2011
    genre Techno
    track Vrijheid, Groovegg, Dieper
    Egbert - Vrijheid EP (GEM016) by GEM Records

    1 Egbert – Vrijheid
    2 Egbert – Groovegg
    3 Egbert – Dieper

    After a year of big remixes for the likes of Secret Cinema, Carl Cox, Marc Romboy, Funk D’void, Guy J and many more, Egbert van der Gugten is finally back with a full EP. A year of touring and performing his live set for crowds across the globe has developed his sought after sound to yet a higher state of awesomeness! The result is a tree track EP of some of the most danceable funk filled techno available right now…

    Adam Beyer – “Dieper is the one for me but all of them are good trax. Funky and perfect like always from Egbert!”
    Marc Romboy - “Dieper is fantastic!! Playing!”
    Laurent Garnier – “One word – Wwwwwaaahouuuuuu!!! Vrijheid the pick for me.”
    Len Faki - “Dieper is definitely the best for me here!!”
    Stephan Bodzin - “Will play out all 3 of the tracks at Mayday tomorrow. BOMBS!”
    Samuel L Session – “I like it! It has groove and some soulful elements. Will play all three.”
    Gregor Tresher – “Wow, Monster release by Egbert & GEM – all tracks are for me, straight into my October Top ten.”
    Agoria – “Will try them out this weekend. For now Vrijheid is standing out.”
    Ramon Tapia - “Vrijheid….BIG BIG BIG!!!! Support for sure!”
    Cristian Varela – “Dieper is great!! Really excellent! Playing!”
    King Unique - “Like the glistening chords & twinkling percussion on Vrijheid, lovely bit of sunshine techno.”
    Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “Always excited to hear from one of my favorite producers out there…. Grooveg and Dieper are fantastic. Dieper is just a growling techno beast ready to be unleashed on the danceflooor, while Grooveg is as the name says a nice rolling groove…..”
    Kaiserdisco – “Massive ep! Love all tracks Egbert! Big support from us!!”
    Orde – (Slam) - “Another cool release from Egbert and Gem – playing Vrijheid!”
    Dosem – “In love with Gem Records, Egbert and this whole melodic techno EP!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick – “I LOVE Egbert!! And LOVE this ep!!”
    Alexander Kowalski - “Dieper is the best of the release for me. Very solid EP from Egbert.”
    Sasha Carassi - “Wow amazing release again from Egbert! Playin them all.”
    Marco Bailey – “Full support always for Egbert and Gem ..i am a fan. ”
    Hernan Cattaneo – “Really liking Egbert’s Vrijheid. Very nice. Gonna play it!”
    Martin Eyerer – “Yeah! Very driving stuff here. Liking Vrijheid… will use for sure.”
    Karotte - “Vrijheid is good! Groovegg is a goodie too. Playing them!”
    Joseph Capriati - “Since I discovered Egbert there is always a track of his in my long sets. Love the melodies and hypnotic sounds he uses. Full support!”
    Michel de Hey - “Yeah cant go wrong with Mr Egbert all 3 are cool, no use trying to pick out a winner here. :)”
    Sian - “Bomba ep!!! As always from Egbert. Support from me on all.”
    Wally Lopez - “Really cool tech tunes again from Egbert..Virjheld my fav! Will play.”
    Carlo Lio – “Dieper is def the one here… sounds like a dancefloor killer.. will be trying this tonight for sure.. support.”
    Nuno dos Santos - “Rockin tracks! Will play Vrijheid & Dieper for sure!”
    Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Vrijheid is nice. Reminds me of a faster Tuccillo. Which I like ”
    Dave Seaman – “A great EP of cool and BIG tracks. Definitely playing these.”

    GEM 015 / Diego – Hope EP

    artist Diego
    date August 22nd 2011
    genre Techno
    track Hope (Secret Cinema & Roger Martinez remix), Stargazers, Me Myself and Moog, Hope
    GEM015 by GEM Records

    1 Diego – Hope (Secret Cinema & Roger Martinez remix)
    2 Diego – Stargazers
    3 Diego – Me Myself and Moog
    4 Hope

    Diego Hostettler, a true freak with a catalogue of releases under his belt that read like a big f*** you to everything that conforms to anything. From rave/disco crossovers at 150 bpm to laid back electronica, Diego has done it. For this release we selected three unique gems (as we always promise) and got Secret Cinema and Roger Martinez to team up on the remix! The result is a dynamic 4 track EP packed with stomping euphoria from the heart!

    GEM 014 / Various – Selected Gems

    artist Marc Marzenit, On-Off, Peter Horrevorts, Remy Unger, Roger Martinez, SQL, Secret Cinema, Steve Slight
    date August 22nd 2011
    genre Techno, tech-house
    track Rook, Diaphanous, Jawgrinder, Retour à la Vie, Dark Star, Eclipsed Emotions, Type 1, Chock Dee

    1: Peter Horrevorts – Rook
    2: SQL – Diaphanous
    3: Remy – Jawgrinder
    4: Secret Cinema – Retour à la Vie
    5: Roger Martinez – Dark Star
    6: Marc Marzenit – Eclipsed Emotions
    7: On/Off – Type 1
    8: Steve Slight – Chock Dee

    Gem are back with an exciting compilation featuring tracks from artists returning to Gem and three new acts who will all be releasing a full EP on Gem this year: Remy Unger, On-Off and SQL!
    Marc Marzenit, Peter Horrevorts, Roger Martinez, Steve Slight and of course label front man Secret Cinema all return with absolutely wicked material at the cutting edge of techno as we have come to expect!

    Remy Unger (DJ Remy), one of the Netherland’s first and biggest names in techno, was added to the Gem Bookings roster in 2010. With his impressive releasing track record it was but a matter of time before he made an appearance on Gem Records. His contribution ‘Jawgrinder’ is an action packed melodic tech-houser with plenty of bounce as we have come to expect from Remy. A full EP will follow soon!

    On-Off is a project by Perry van de Vrede (Patch Park) and Joeri Versluis, both fresh and inspiring artists on the scene. For Selected Gems they cooked up a raw yet polished techno bomb and also promised a full EP to come! F.y.i. Perry and Remy are cooking up their own label ‘Fone Audio’. Expect some quality tunes soon!

    We’ve had our eye on SQL for a while now and have a great EP lined up this autumn. As a taste he contributes Diaphonous to the compilation. Previous releases made their way on to SK Supreme, Traum, Tribal Vision, Open Records and now Gem.

    If used (in)correctly, this selection of Gems can do some serious damage!

    GEM 013 / Secret Cinema – Minerals EP3

    artist Secret Cinema, Kalden Bess aka m0h, Egbert
    date 16th of May 2011
    genre Tech-House, Techno
    track MOHS scale, TOPAZ

    X1: Secret Cinema & Kalden Bess aka m0h – MOHS scale
    Y1: Secret Cinema & Egbert – TOPAZ

    Jeroen Verheij has been churning out dance floor smashing tracks for almost as long as many of today’s clubbers can remember under his aliases Secret Cinema, Grooveyard and Meng Syndicate to name a few. Tracks like Timeless Altitude, Mary Go Wild (EC Records) and Kurzweil (Cocoon) invoke warm memories in many of us. In December of 2009 Verheij set up his own label ‘Gem Records’ and started to release the unique sound he is famous for as a DJ. Now, just over a year later, Gem releases its first full album!

    The tracks on Secret Cinema’s ‘Minerals’, are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals. CD1 consists of dance floor hammering tech-house and techno as we have come to expect from Secret Cinema. With contributions from Ramon Tapia, Egbert and m0h, timeless gems are guaranteed once again! Alongside these floor friendly tracks are some more abstract jams. All is woven together in a powerful continuous mix on CD (with download voucher for single tracks) and all tracks are available separately on vinyl and download.

    The Second CD is an ambient mix consisting of the sounds that form the base of the tracks on CD1, mixed with bizarre instruments, tuning forks and other sounds. Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Robert Kroos also known as Mental Youth, collaborated with Verheij on this creation. Perfect for relaxation after the party on CD1.

    Some say this could be some of the best work from one of the Netherland’s top techno producers of the past 18 years!

    GEM 012 / Secret Cinema – Minerals EP2

    artist Secret Cinema, Ramon Tapia
    date 16th of May 2011
    genre Tech-House, Techno
    track smooth TALC, CRYSTAL system

    X1: Secret Cinema – smooth TALC
    Y1: Secret Cinema & Ramon Tapia – CRYSTAL system

    Jeroen Verheij has been churning out dance floor smashing tracks for almost as long as many of today’s clubbers can remember under his aliases Secret Cinema, Grooveyard and Meng Syndicate to name a few. Tracks like Timeless Altitude, Mary Go Wild (EC Records) and Kurzweil (Cocoon) invoke warm memories in many of us. In December of 2009 Verheij set up his own label ‘Gem Records’ and started to release the unique sound he is famous for as a DJ. Now, just over a year later, Gem releases its first full album!

    The tracks on Secret Cinema’s ‘Minerals’, are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals. CD1 consists of dance floor hammering tech-house and techno as we have come to expect from Secret Cinema. With contributions from Ramon Tapia, Egbert and m0h, timeless gems are guaranteed once again! Alongside these floor friendly tracks are some more abstract jams. All is woven together in a powerful continuous mix on CD (with download voucher for single tracks) and all tracks are available separately on vinyl and download.

    The Second CD is an ambient mix consisting of the sounds that form the base of the tracks on CD1, mixed with bizarre instruments, tuning forks and other sounds. Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Robert Kroos also known as Mental Youth, collaborated with Verheij on this creation. Perfect for relaxation after the party on CD1.

    Some say this could be some of the best work from one of the Netherland’s top techno producers of the past 18 years!

    GEM 011 / Secret Cinema – Minerals EP1

    artist Secret Cinema
    date 16th of May 2011
    genre Tech-House, Techno
    track star SAPPHIRE, smoky QUARTZ

    X1: Secret Cinema – star SAPPHIRE
    Y1: Secret Cinema – smoky QUARTZ

    Jeroen Verheij has been churning out dance floor smashing tracks for almost as long as many of today’s clubbers can remember under his aliases Secret Cinema, Grooveyard and Meng Syndicate to name a few. Tracks like Timeless Altitude, Mary Go Wild (EC Records) and Kurzweil (Cocoon) invoke warm memories in many of us. In December of 2009 Verheij set up his own label ‘Gem Records’ and started to release the unique sound he is famous for as a DJ. Now, just over a year later, Gem releases its first full album!

    The tracks on Secret Cinema’s ‘Minerals’, are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals. CD1 consists of dance floor hammering tech-house and techno as we have come to expect from Secret Cinema. With contributions from Ramon Tapia, Egbert and m0h, timeless gems are guaranteed once again! Alongside these floor friendly tracks are some more abstract jams. All is woven together in a powerful continuous mix on CD (with download voucher for single tracks) and all tracks are available separately on vinyl and download.

    The Second CD is an ambient mix consisting of the sounds that form the base of the tracks on CD1, mixed with bizarre instruments, tuning forks and other sounds. Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Robert Kroos also known as Mental Youth, collaborated with Verheij on this creation. Perfect for relaxation after the party on CD1.

    Some say this could be some of the best work from one of the Netherland’s top techno producers of the past 18 years!

    GEM 010 / Various – Pelican EP

    artist Ramon Tapia, Secret Cinema, Steve Slight
    date 7th of March 2011
    genre Tech-House, Techno
    track Pelican, Opal, Who Knows
    GEM010 by GEM Records

    GEM010 features Ramon Tapia’s own production ‘Pelican’ and ‘Opal’ in collaboration with Secret Cinema. The EP is completed by Belgian golden boy Steve Slight. A tasty 3 tracker!

    Ramon Tapia’s solo track ‘Pelican’ on the X-side is a tribal tech house hammer that will go down a guaranteed killer on the floor. This is some seriously bangin’ shit, people! On the Y1, Secret Cinema and Ramon team up to create a euphoric techey piece of work. On this jam,  simplicity is its beauty. These two make for a great production duo!

    The Y2 comes from rising star Steve Slight who was introduced to us by Ramon as being one of Belgium’s hottest producers at the moment. The first track we snatched up is ‘Who Knows’. This is the most explosive one on the EP. A well balanced smooth yet energetic and raw techno track. Keep an ear out for this guy!

    DJ Feedback:

    Joel Mull – “Big tunes from a great label! Hard to pick a favorite. They are all good.”
    Stephan Bodzin – “Very good ep. Like all 3 tracks! Support!!”
    Hector Romero – “Pelican & Who Knows are peak time rocking beats.”
    Wally Lopez – “Very nice tracks…support from me.”
    Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Pelican is Big!”
    Darren Emerson – “Great!! I’m liking all of these!!”
    Dosem – “Opal… super big support for this one!!”
    Thomas Schumacher – “Pelican is Ramon at his best! Lovin it. Who Knows is also a fine track.”
    Marc Marzenit – “Who Knows” it’s a huge HIT in a big label from a great manl!!”
    John Acquaviva – “Pelican for me from this package guys. Support!”
    Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Another cool EP fro Gem – playing!”
    John Selway – “Nice tracks.. wish there was a version of Pelican without the vocal sample..”
    Club Madnezz Holland – “Massive tracks!!”
    Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “Gem have done it again! These are all huge.”
    Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse Dublin) – “I’m torn between Ramons two tracks. Sound great. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight. Thanks.”
    Mihalis Safras - “Pelican is da shit! Love that one Ramon!”
    Anton Pieete - “Very kool e.p.!!”
    Nick Warren - “Pelican is great!!”
    Peter Horrevorts - “Yessss, these are the grooves that can shake some booty. Pelican is solid groover and opal is a smooth funker. Who knows goes deep and still grooves! Niiiice!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick - “Massive EP. Love it!”
    Mauro Picotto - “I have played for a while Pelican, and still great for me.”
    Guy J - “Great release! Loving all 3.”
    Carlo Lio – “Pelican is the one for me… great vibe and groove.”
    Wehbba - “All cool tracks, but Opal is a damn fine weapon! Big support here guys, thanks!”
    Desyn masiello (sos) – “Opal = many grins on many faces on many happy dancefloors. Will play this out and support on my new radio show forthcoming.”
    Joseph Capriati - “Great tracks! Will support for sure.”
    Anderson Noise - “Strong release. Big support!!!”
    Dave Seaman - “Pelican is very hypnotic, Opal is cool and Who Knows is my fave!”
    Karotte - “Yes again a great ep from Gem!!! Love all 3 tracks!!!”
    Martin Eyerer - “Strong release for the guys! Goes straight to my radio show on sat.”
    Danny Howells - “Bassline from heaven on Opal – really like the others too.”
    Steve Ward – “Nice work again boys! My fav is who knows, however will definitely support all the choons on the ep!”
    Adam Beyer - “Pelican is wicked!! Full support.”
    Sian - “Massive!! Ramon and Secret Cinema are blazing!!”
    King Unique – “Pelican is an intensity masterclass!!”
    Andy Cato – (Groove Armada) - “Will try Pelican in our sets! J”
    Christian Smith – “Who Knows is nice, heavy, and hypnotic. Opal is also really nice. Full support for this ep!”
    Len Faki – “Pelican is strong – support on this from me for sure!”
    Dan – (Pig & Dan) - “Who Knows is killer!!”
    Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) - “I really love Opal!!”
    Deetron - “I like the bassline in Opal, clever breakdown as well.”
    PrinsJan – (Dance Dept/538 Holland) – “Ramon Tapia!!!!”
    Tom Wax – (Phuture Sounds Germany) - “Great EP!”
    Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - “Really feelin’ OPAL – nice melodic sounds!”

    GEM 009 / Roger Martinez – Mainstage EP

    artist Roger Martinez
    date 14th of February
    genre Techno, Tech-House
    track Mainstage, House Music, Launch Pad
    GEM009 by GEM Records

    1. Roger Martinez – Mainstage
    2. Roger Martinez – House Music
    3. Roger Martinez – Launch Pad

    After well received appearances on Gem Sampler 1 and 2.2, Roger Martinez is back in full effect with his own EP ‘Mainstage’!

    Roger Martinez has only recently re-focussed his attention towards producing dance music, after spending over a year working on the critically acclaimed and award winning ambient project ‘Horizontal Excursions’. Martinez’ excursion appears to have left a lasting impression on his approach to music production.

    ‘Mainstage EP’ as a result, sounds like it might have been created in another dimension for use on Earth’s dancefloors! The title track ‘Mainstage’ provides a big room techno sound at first glance, but huge reverbs and filtered delays give the track a darker, dubbier feel than others in its genre. As the track builds up, Native South American chants are introduced and tension is built up, giving the track a ritualistic vibe.

    Next up is ‘House Music’. A warm and wobbly background synth forms the base of the track. Layer upon layer of percussion, claps, hihats and effects repeating monotonousely are piled up, interrupted by the occasional screeching saw tooth and surreal vocals. 7,5 minutes in space!

    The EP finishes off with ‘Launch Pad’ which, with its funky bouncy bass line, bears the greatest resemblance to music as we know it. Techey, edgey, fresh and a definite Gem!

    Stephan Bodzin – “Fat shit. Like House Music most. Bomb release.”
    Mihalis Safras – “Oh my my! I so love this label! Mainstage is the proper track for a real techno set!”
    Dosem – “Mainstage and House Music… this is the sound guys, absolutely full support.”
    Adam Beyer – “Mainstage for me from this EP. ”
    Anderson Noise – “Great release, maximo support!!”
    Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “All I can say is I love this label and the output they have is absolutely of the highest quality thanks for the great sounding music….Mainstage is just PPPPHHHAAATTTTTT and House Music is a beautiful journey.”
    Wally Lopez – “Will play…Mainstage for!”
    Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Dark and deep tech house – Mainstage for me.”
    Joel Mull – “Most Definitely gonna play Mainstage!! Great production.”
    Carlo Lio – “House Music is my pick! Nice work!”
    Karotte – “Launch Pad is nice. Will play this one for sure.”
    Kaiserdisco – “Mainstage and Launch Pad sounds nice, will try them out thanks!”
    Hernan Cattaneo – “Mainstage is really good! Def play from me.”
    Sasha Carassi – “Mainstage is brillant! Full support!”
    Wehbba – “House Music is a huge tune, wow, excited to try this out tonight! Gotta love the digital era…”
    Sian – “Giant tunes!!!”
    Guy J – “House Music is the track for me here! Support.”
    Tassilo (Pan-Pot) – “Nice release for me, will play Mainstage.”
    Martin Eyerer – “House Music is cool for my radioshow!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick – “Straight in the box, great EP!”
    Club Madnezz Holland – “Mainstage is just outstanding.”
    Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “These are all superb, will be blasting on the raido tongiht and in the club.”

    GEM 008 / Secret Cinema – Timeless Altitude 2011 EP

    artist Secret Cinema, Slam, Egbert
    date January 10th 2011
    genre Techno
    track Timeless Altitude (Secret Cinema's 2011 Mix), Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph Remix), Timeless Altitude (Egbert's Tijdloze Hoogte Remix), Timeless Altitude (Original Downpitched Version)
    GEM008 by GEM Records

    X1: Timeless Altitude (Secret Cinema 2011 remix)
    Y1: Timeless Altitude (Slam Paragraph remix)
    Y2: Timeless Altitude (Egbert’s Tijdloze Hoogte Remix)

    Digital only: Timeless Altitude (Original Downpitched Version)

    DJ Feedback:

    Joris Voorn - “Cool mixes of a TIMELESS track!”
    Karotte – “Aaaaahhhhh. The classic is coming back!!! Love this tune! The remixes are great. Record of the month. Thanks to my Dutch guys!!!”
    Armin van Buuren – “Woooot!!”
    Adam Beyer – “Wicked stuff! Full support on all mixes!!!”
    Gregor Tresher – “Original is one of my all time favourites – reminds me of great times on the dancefloor. A true masterpiece.”
    Laurent Garnier – “Sssstrrrooooonnnnggg and sounding as fresh as ever!”
    Paco Osuna – “Bomb Of the Bombs ,one of my favourites tracks evr ,i love the original and i love the new version. WOW 10/10”
    Oliver Huntemann – “Solid mixes of this classic tune. Full support!”
    Darren Emerson – “Very strong package! Secret Cinema’s remix my immediate pick.”
    Dave Seaman - “Three of my favourite producers on one package. Hard to pick a favourite but the Slam boys probably just steal it.”
    John Selway – “Fave is Egbert’s deeper take but definitely playing 2011 and Slam versions on the floor.”
    Pig – (Pig and Dan) - “Awesome set of remixes and awesome classic being remixed, full support on these dancefloor destroyers, can’t wait to play these tonight, thxs Gem for the awesome music.”
    Dosem - “Gem quality like always.”
    Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Classic with mega mixes – yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!”
    Danny Howells – “Killer package, will go down a storm this weekend.”
    Stephan Bodzin - “Wow. Love Slam & Egbert´s mixes.”
    Ramon Tapia - “Eggie remix!!!! :) Volle sepeurt!”

    GEM 007 / Various – Sampler 2.2

    artist Egbert, Roger Martinez, Kaap de Goede Hoop, Arjuna Schiks
    date October 18th 2010 Gem Sampler 2.1 and 2.2
    genre Techno
    track Een Nieuwe Generatie, Re-Move, Girl, Gamelonia
    GEM007 by GEM Records

    A1: Egbert – Een Nieuwe Generatie
    A2: Roger Martinez – Re-Move
    B1: Kaap de Goede Hoop – Girl
    B2: Arjuna Schiks – Gamelonia

    DJ Feedback :

    AFFKT -
    “Great selection, will play Girl!”
    Oliver Huntemann – “Again a nice sampler. Egbert does it for me. Full support!”
    Anderson Noise – “Een Nieuwe Generatie…I will play!!”
    Bushwacka! – “First track for me….”
    King Unique – “Egbert for me – psychedlic & pushy!”
    Guy J – “Re-Move for me, loving it!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick – “Fuck, massive stuff! This label is the bomb!”
    Anton Pieete – “Very kool!!, Arjuna’s track is great for me! The rest is nice as well..”
    Graeme Reedie – (Silicone Soul) – “Re-move and Girl are ace.”
    Gregor Tresher – “Ajuna Schiks track is the one for me, sounding great!”
    Diesel – (X-Press 2) – “Liking Een Nieuwe Generatie… will support.”
    Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “Love Een Nieuwe Generatie.”
    Eddie Halliwell  – “Love the Egbert stuff!”
    Dave Seaman – “Big tracks! Egbert is a rocker.”
    Sian – “Ultra strong club tracks!!”
    Terry Francis – (Fabric) – “Like Girl and gamelona. Great tracks!”
    Steve Ward – (Kiss Fm Australia) – “Great release as usual! All tracks definitely have their moment.”
    Steve Parry – (Juice FM) – “I really like Egberts music – no exception here. Re-move is great – like a cross between voorn and moroder. I love both of these tracks thanks, full support on radio and in clubs”
    Kristian – (i-DJ Magazine) – “All about Re-Move! I can take or leave the rest to be honest, but that one track is straight-up dynamite.”
    Seth Troxler – “Girl is super cool!!”
    Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Great label – cool sampler – playing!”
    Mihalis Safras - “Lovely release..will test @ ADE!”
    Dosem - “Gamelonia has a great groove.”
    Tassilo (Pan-Pot) - “Always good work from Gem!!!”
    Sebrok - “Girl is the one!”
    DJ Remy - “Love the Egbert track!”
    Misstress Barbara - “Really like this package. Great versatility in all the tracks. Top ones for me are Re-Move and Girl!”
    Adam Beyer - “Full support for Egbert!!”
    Pig – (Pig and Dan) - “Congratulations to Gem records and the selection of tracks you’ve been releasing, some seriously fat grooves that I will for sure use to destroy the dancefloor, cant wait till your next release that’s all I can say J”
    Dubfire - “Gamelonia is cool!”
    Martin Eyerer - “Even better than pack1 – and that was already big!”
    Eelke Kleijn - “All tracks rocks!”
    Stephan Bodzin - “Good package! Will check em out!!”
    Okain - “Kaap track is my favorite but the other tracks are nice as well.”
    Sébastien Léger - “Arjuna Schiks’s track is very very very good, love it!”
    Desyn Masiello (sos) - “Another blinding Gem release… every track a player. Great label!”
    Sander Kleinenberg – “Girl is a nice one.”
    Wally Lopez - “Nices tunes.. full support from me.”
    John Digweed - “Een Nieuwe Generatie is for me!”
    Christian Smith - “New Generation and Re-move rock! Full support!”
    Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “I like Re-Move and Girl…kool grooves!”
    Karotte - “Egi does it again. Techno!!! The track from Roger Martinez is also nice. Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Nice Sounds, Excellent rhythm.”
    Club Madnezz Holland - “Hypnosting tracks.”
    Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Totally into EEN NIEUWE GENERATIE – monster cut!”
    Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Another great EP from GEM. Egbert is definitely my pick from this EP. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight.”
    Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Re-move is fantastic!!! Cool sound for my radio shows and Tour full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”
    Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Nice Sounds, Excellent rhythm.”
    JADE – (The Basement, NRJ radio) – “Will play Girl!”
    Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) - “Superb track from Egbert, will support,of course.”
    Tsugi Magazine France - “Re-Move is still goood.”
    Debug Magazine Germany – “Review to follow.”
    Raveline Magazine Germany - “Gamelonia is my fav.”

    GEM 006 / Various – Sampler 2.1

    artist Secret Cinema, Peter Horrevorts, Tom Laws
    date October 18th 2010 Gem Sampler 2.1 and 2.2
    genre Techno
    track 2-C-Bright, Jellyneck, Cocaïne Cowboys
    GEM006 by GEM Records
    GEM006 label 600x600

    Gem Summer Sampler 2.1 & 2.2

    A1: Secret Cinema – 2-C-Bright
    B1: Peter Horrevorts – Jellyneck
    B2: Tom Laws – Cocaïne Cowboys

    Gem Sampler 2.1 and 2.2 come just in time for a Gem Records Amsterdam Dance Event showcase at the Westerunie on Saturday October 24th including a big poster and advert campaign for the Sampler!

    Artists featured on Gem Sampler 2.1 (GEM006) are Secret Cinema and Tom Laws who both dropped a big fat techno bomb and Peter Horrevorts who supplies us with a huge peak time loop-disco techey stomper. Nice…

    On Gem Sampler 2.2 (GEM007) Egbert provides an energetic yet deep and hypnotic techno track while Roger Martinez delivers a Giorgio Moroderesque Italo influenced tech houser. On the flip, its Kaap De Goede Hoop who bring some warm deep housey flavours to the mix and Arjuna Schiks who finishes it off with a big funky percussive groover.

    DJ Feedback :

    Mauro Picotto – “Gem keep on rocking!!! J
    Dave Seaman – “All work well for me! Maximum support!”
    Maetrik – “Loving the Tom Laws! Cocaine Cowboys!”
    Danny Howells – “Maximum support guaranteed!”
    Eelke Kleijn – “2 C Bright is excellent.”
    Wally Lopez – “Excellent sampler..Peter Horrevorts and Secret Cinema for me support!”
    Tassilo (Pan-Pot) - “Nice package, great variety!”
    Carlo Lio – “Cinema track and Cocaine Cowboys are dope.. will play!!”
    Shlomi Aber – “Jellyneck is cool!”
    Laurent Garnier – “Ohh yessssss full support on these!”
    Lee Burridge – “Jelly neck wobbles my world.”
    Technasia – “Excellent release. Only excellent tracks.”
    MiniCoolBoyz – “3 Bombs!”
    Phil Kieran – “2 C Bright sounds cool!!”
    Tania Vulcano – “The Secret Cinema track is awesome… will play it!”
    John Selway – “Definitely will play 2 C Bright, great bouncing groove and abstract tripped out vibe.”
    King Unique – “The pacey groover from Mr Cinema wins here for me.”
    Ramon Tapia – “Peter does the trick here … Secret Cinema is killer too.”
    Mark Knight – “2CBright is HEAVY!!!!!”
    Club Madnezz Holland – “For the love of music.”
    Pablo Demonio – ( – “More strong that a preview release of Gem. Like this direction of a label and Secret Cinema work.”
    Tom Wax – (Phuture Sounds Germany) – “3 kickin tunes!”
    Steve Parry – (Juice FM) - “Cocaine Cowboys is a rocker.”
    Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Excellent ep – all 3 tracks are large!”
    Ceoltronic Radio – (RTE Pulse, Dublin) – “Really good EP. Loving Secret Cinema’s offering. Straight onto Ceoltronic Radio tonight. Top drawer.”
    Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Really groovy stuff!!! I love all 3 mixes full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”
    Across The Line – (BBC Ulster) – “Gem on fire yet again. All three are in my box. Awesome.”
    Steve Ward – (Kiss Fm Australia) - “Jellyneck is AMAZING!”
    Victor – (DJ Mag Spain) – “Very good techno tracks here however the techy discofied Jellyneck is pure groove and will damage plenty dancefloors!”
    DJ Remy - “2 c Bright & Jellyneck are great!”
    Adam Beyer - “Full support on this stuff, nice and pumping!”
    Boys Noize – “Jellyneck sounds good!!”
    Elio Riso - “Big support Jellyneck – Peter Horrevorts 9/10.”
    Sébastien Léger - “This EP is fucking amazing. All tracks are good! Peter’s track is brilliant, and Secret Cinema is as good! Will play for sure.”
    Mihalis Safras - “Lovely Jellyneck!”
    Anderson Noise - “Very good, FULL SUPPORT!!!!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick - “2 C Bright will be massive for me!”
    Martin Eyerer - “Strong tech shit! All 3 tracks are dope.”
    Pig – (Pig and Dan) - “Fat techno tracks from the dutch boys, peak time bombs loved all of them.”
    Jamie Anderson - “Secret Cinema’s music gets me every time! Exceptional production and infectious groove – love it :) All tracks on the sampler need playing 5/5!”
    Chloe Harris - “2 C Bright for me. Also like Cocaine Cowboys. Great stuff.”
    Dubfire - “Very cool music here!!”
    Brodinski - “2C Bright is Fire. Pure Tehcno vibe. Perfect for me.”
    Alex Neri - “Jellyneck for me….”
    Guy J - “Jellyneck for me, loving the groove!”
    Sian - “Awesome..Cocaine Cowboys is huge bad ass tune..”
    Karotte - “Again high quality stuff from the Gem guys. I like all tracks. Full support from frankfurt.”
    Joseph Capriati – “Very nice track from Jeroen! Will play it for sure!”
    Misstress Barbara - “Really like 2 C Bright and Cocaine Cowboys. Full support!”
    Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Cool techy vibes – all good tracks.”
    Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) - “Really cool disco groove. Alll over it!”
    Nick Warren - “Three great tracks.”
    Christian Smith - “Awesome package!!!! I will play all of the tracks!”
    AFFKT - “Jellyneck…I love it!”
    Fergie - “Yes love this and a fan of Mr Laws J”
    Dosem - “Another floor destroyer sampler… Horrevorts is the man!”
    Gavin Kingsley – (Carl Cox Global) – “3 great tracks from easily one of 2010′s strongest labels. Big supporters.”
    Chris Ç – (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) - “Techno meets house, secretly, cinematically. And this is Gem. Nice.”
    Ben – (Data Transmission) – “Retreading old ground for sure but – filter disco is always nice when slickly executed!”
    Scan Mode – (ClubbingSpain/DJMag Spain) - “I like Cocaine Cowboys!”
    Tsugi Magazine France - “Nice, like Jellyneck.”
    De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for follow.”

    GEM 005 / Various – Summer Sampler 1.0

    artist Secret Cinema, Egbert, Peter Horrevorts, Dosem, Roger Martinez, Arjuna Schiks, Lemontrip, Kaap de Goede Hoop
    date August 12th 2010 Gem Summer Sampler 1.0
    genre Techno, Tech-House
    track Bier, Truetone, Jack This, Mahesvari, Lazy Tree, All Night
    GEM005 by GEM Records
    GEM005 label

    A1: Secret Cinema & Egbert Bier
    A2: Peter Horrevorts & Dosem Truetone
    B1: Roger Martinez Jack This
    B2: Arjuna Schiks – Mahesvari


    1. Lemontrip Lazy Tree
    2. Kaap de Goede Hoop – All Night

    DJ Feedback :

    Stephan Bodzin – “BIEEEER!!!!!!! Lekerlecker!!!!”
    Joris Voorn – “All Night for me, love the groove!!”
    Christian Smith – “Great package! Truetone is my favorite of the bunch. but will also play some of the others. Full support.”
    Danny Howells – “Summer bombs, full support!
    Nick Warren – “Brilliant stuff, Secret cinema and Pete and Dosem’s hitting the highs for me.”
    Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Nice stuff – strong EP – support.”
    Laurent Garnier – “Some really cool tracks in there, will play.”
    Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “Great release from a killer label. All got a great wiggle goin on. i think bier there standout for me.”
    Wally Lopez – “Tremendo pack..full support.”
    Joseph Capriati – “Full support from me on this release!”
    Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “What a great EP!!! Jack this is massive Truetone  too ;) full support from Ibiza Global Radio.”

    GEM 004 / Egbert – Haasten EP

    artist Egbert
    date June 15th 2010 Egbert - Haasten EP
    genre Techno
    track Haasten, Yourself
    GEM004 by GEM Records

    A1: Egbert – Haasten
    B1: Egbert – Yourself

    Ooooooh yeeeaaah!!! Haasten is here! One of techno’s fastest rising stars brings his strongest EP to date with two huge tracks you will be hearing lot of this summer!

    Egbert returns to Gem… ‘Haasten’ (translates into hurrying) has been destroying crowds during Egbert’s live sets around the globe for the past few months. A dark commanding bass line that skips over the beat is accompanied by a retro sounding orchestral jab to create what is looking to become one of this year’s biggest techno tracks!

    The B-side ‘Yourself’ has also proven to be a crowd pleaser and is paving the way for the future of percussion based techno. The punishing drums, deep basses, narrow mids and rattling hats kick ass throughout the track before taking a break for 30 seconds to introduce some melody and continue on mercilessly afterwards. A mean f*cking package!

    GEM 003 / Secret Cinema – Glad Chord EP

    artist Secret Cinema
    date May 5th 2009 Glad Chord EP
    genre Techno
    track Glad Chord, Basically, Glad Chord (Psycatron Remix)
    GEM003 by GEM Records
    GEM003 Label 12inch

    A1: Secret Cinema – Glad Chord
    A2: Secret Cinema – Basically
    B1: Secret Cinema – Glad Chord (Psycatron Remix)

    After two quality EP’s by Egbert and Peter Horrevorts and a DJ compilation by Secret Cinema, the label front man presents his first EP on Gem: Glad Chord.

    This powerful package includes the melodic anthem ‘Glad Chord’ which builds and builds tension with its repetitive synth jabs and unfolds into pure euphoria before diving back into the groove.

    The A2 is a deep hypnotic tech-bomb called ‘Basically’. The track captures its listener with funky percussion over a complex bass line combined with quirky synths echoing around and pulling you in deeper and deeper.

    The Glad Chord remix on the flip is provided by Belfast based duo Paul Hamill and Dave Oost Lievense a.k.a. Psycatron. Already they are Irelands biggest exporters of electronic music and many see them as one of the greats of the future. Psycatron treated Glad Chord with added strings and a more varied sequence giving the track an extra dance floor friendliness that many will appreciate.

    This is definitely another Gem!

    DJ Feedback:

    Umek - “Amazing tunes!!!”
    Marc Romboy - “Glad Chord…Exactly my personal thing! 10/10!”
    John Selway - “Not just the chord, I’m glad for the whole release.”
    Agoria - “Big fan of Secret Cinema, this one doesn’t fail to please me ☺”
    Fergie - “WOW this is very powerful ☺ Pyscatron mix for me.”
    Danny Howells - “Another gem from Secret Cinema – in the box!”
    Alan Fitzpatrick – “I love glad chord original, thanks, will be hammering this.”
    Gregor Tresher - “Cool release and another Killer Psycatron Remix!!!! Will chart it in my April Topten.”
    Steve Rachmad – “This is BIG! Still one of my favs of this moment. FULL support.”
    Christian Smith - “Glad chord is BIG! full support!”
    Joseph Capriati – “Glad Chord is a bomb! Full support!”
    Matthew Dekay – “Another strong release from GEM. Love this label…”
    Hernan Cattaneo - “Very good stuff both glad chords for me.”

    GEM 002 / Peter Horrevorts – Bloody Hands EP

    artist Peter Horrevorts
    date March 1st 2010 Bloody Hands EP
    genre Techno, Tech-House
    track Bloody Hands, Nymph, Bloody Hands (Marc Marzenit Monster Remix)
    GEM002 by GEM Records
    GEM002 label 12 inch 600 x 600

    A1: Peter Horrevorts – Bloody Hands
    B1: Peter Horrevorts – Nymph
    B2: Peter Horrevorts – Bloody Hands (Marc Marzenit Monster Remix)

    GEM002 The title track (Bloody Hands) has a unique futuristic sparkle with plenty of funk and loads of interesting effects, characteristic of Horrevorts’ productions. The lead and bassline build up tension throughout the track, subtly climaxing after 5 minutes with some guaranteed hands in the air action!

    On the B-side we find ‘Nymph’. This funky deep techey track slots perfectly into those hypnotizing moments of the night. Quality production!

    The B2 is remixed by Marc Marzenit who captured the subtlety of ‘Bloody Hands’ perfectly with his ‘Monster Remix’. This monster has a slightly deeper, more progressive flavor than the original yet maintaining its energy.

    Rumor has it that the remix has been signed to Secret Cinema’s first mixed compilation ‘Welcome To My Club’ (March 2010). One impressive release from two of today’s most promising producers!

    DJ Feedback:

    Sharam – “Bloody Hand (Marc Mazenit mix) sounds like a record that will be in my box for a while. Can’t wait to drop this in Brazil.”
    King Unique – “Original is staggeringly good, murderous techno, and marzenit’s solaris vibed remix is fantastic. More of both please.”
    Technasia – “Original Mix & Nymph are both huge. Full support. Will play both of them.”
    Joris Voorn – “Good stuff from Horrevorts! Overal production is HQ!”
    Stephan Bodzin - “The original could be one of the best techno tracks i heard lately. Inspiring! ;-) Respect. FULL FULL support. 6/5.”
    Christian Smith - ” I will hammer this one for sure! Awesome! Groovy, fat, and dirty! Just my style! The remix is a big fat progressive monster!!!! I will play both!”
    Joel Mull - “What a strong package. Great stuff. My favourite is Nymph (edit) But the two other tunes are BIG!!! Will play them all. Big up GEM records.”
    Misstress Barbara - “Really like the original mix of Bloody Hands! Full support.”
    Dave Seaman - “Another superb production from the Horrevorts. Huge!”
    Craig (Silicone Soul) – “Really feeling this! Great remix too – all drops in a treat!”

    GEM 001 / Egbert – Dezelfde Weg EP

    artist Egbert
    date December 14th 2009 Dezelfde Weg EP
    genre Techno
    track Dezelfde Weg, Vette Sounds, Vette Sounds (Secret Cinema Remix)
    GEM001 by GEM Records
    GEM001 label12inch_600x600

    A1: Egbert – Dezelfde Weg
    B1: Egbert – Vette Sounds
    B2: Egbert – Vette Sounds (Secret Cinema Remix)

    GEM001 is Egbert’s “Dezelfde weg EP“. Secret Cinema has been dropping it at festivals during the summer and the crowd response has been amazing!

    Side A is a hypnotic melody driven techno slammer titled “Dezelfde weg”.

    On the flipside is a deeper darker track called ‘Vette Sounds’ with creepy yet commanding synths over a pounding bassline driven groove.