Secret Cinema | Minerals

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Secret Cinema’s Minerals has finaly hit the online stores and physical sales (CD + Vinyl) will start on May 16th.


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- CD1 mixed on Soundcloud
- CD1 separate tracks on Soundcloud
- Listen to CD2 on Soundcloud

Secret Cinema delivers two CD’s worth of quality electronic music! The tracks on Minerals, are inspired by the hardness, color and material of various minerals. CD1 consists of dance floor hammering tech-house and techno as we have come to expect from Secret Cinema. With contributions from Cosima, Ramon Tapia, Egbert and m0h, timeless gems are guaranteed once again!

The Second CD is an ambient mix consisting of the sounds that form the base of the tracks on CD1, mixed with bizarre instruments, tuning forks and other sounds. Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff and Robert Kroos also known as Mental Youth, collaborated with Verheij on this creation.

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